Call of Duty: World at War Preview

Call of Duty: World at War Preview

Published On September 24, 2008 | By Luke De'ath | Previews

Call of Duty: World at War is almost upon us, brought to our door steps once more, this time by Treyarch (don’t stop reading) with its release imminent we’d like to show you that we’re fairly confident that this instalment should be worth your hard-earned cash.

When Call of Duty’s Infinity Ward confirmed that Call of Duty 4 would be going in to Modern Warfare it was greeted by mixed emotions from gamers and press alike. Taking the Call of Duty series 60+ years in to the future featuring current conflicts with coalition forces in Afghanistan and IraQ. How can you top a game with such success as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare? Treyarch answer the call of duty with World at War, taking the fight to the Imperial Japanese in the Pacific theatre.

Call of Duty fans will know that Infinity Ward have always had a knack for storytelling and always deliver intense and emotional scenes via their games. Treyarch are taking it to the next step of storytelling with a darker, grittier story which holds no punches and shows you how foul and brutal war really is. Right from the outset you’ll find a blood covered U.S Marine who has been captured and is being tortured by a Japanese officer who is demanding answers from the Young Marine who, in return, spits in his face to which the officers response is to stub out a cigar in his face, before sliding the cold steal of his blade in to his throat sending blood squirting out, ending his misery with a fatal blow. This isn’t the Call of Duty you are used too, and I’m liking it.

I know what you all are thinking; Call of Duty 3 and Big Red One weren’t exactly the standard we’ve come to know from the Call of Duty series compared to Infinity Ward’s masterpieces, but, Call of Duty: WAW is looking stunningly beautiful, using an updated version of the CoD4 engine, differences are instantly noticeable. You’ll find yourself in an unusual and uncomfortable setting, from the beaches of Normandy to the streets of Chernobyl; you are a long way from any normality as you find yourself in dense foliage of trees and bushes, with enemies lying in wait, waiting to introduce you to Japanese culture.

CoD: World at War introduces new weapons to the series most excitingly the flamethrower which will be one of the most important weapons in the game, clearing mud huts, gun placements and burning snipers out of trees. A whole new engine has been designed to cope with fire. Fire will interact with the environment from burning trees setting alight the tall blades of grass below to soldiers rolling around on the floor catching alight anything they touch.

Treyarch also keep to their traditional routes, having you play as another character from a different country and setting. This time you’ll be fighting in Berlin (Germany) as a Russian soldier, which should see that new age rating put to the test as these troops regain what Nazi Germany took away from them with scary flaming cocktails and blood splattering consequences.

World at War doesn’t just stop there; this isn’t just another run of the mill World War 2 game with a darker story. Gamers will see for the first time in the CoD franchise, online cooperative game modes, which will see up to three of your friends dodge bullets during the Single-player campaign. This sounds like a fantastic feature which a lot of gamers were disappointed that Call of Duty 4 didn’t include.

We’ve come to expect a lot of the multiplayer in Call of Duty games and by the sounds of it World at War won’t let you down, with the same ranking system as Modern Warfare, it’s on the right tracks to knock its counterpart off the top spot. With new weapons and perks such as Monkey which will give players the ability to climb trees to playing dead giving the gamer the ability to fake death, you will have to be extremely paranoid to survive the jungle intact. God be with you, because no-one else will be (Expect for your three friends on Co-Op woohoo).

Call of Duty 3 launched on November 10th 2006 and while Call of Duty 3 was a special title it couldn’t match the reputation and prestige of its older brother — Call of Duty 2. Treyarch lost a lot of faith from gamers and when Activision announced that Treyarch would be making World at War a lot of people didn’t care and decided to wait for Call of Duty 6. Treyarch have been working on World at War since the completion of CoD3 and it really shows from the polished graphics, in-depth storyline and attention to detail. Treyarch are back, and back in style. And hopefully when it is released in full it’ll match these lofty expectations that the trailers have generated.

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