• 04 2018 February

    E Win Racing Calling Series Gaming Chair Review

    The E Win Racing “Calling Series” Ergonomic Gaming Chair is their second series of chair to arrive at Console Monster HQ. My overall outlook of their Champion Series gaming chair was very positive, and their...

  • 16 2018 January

    Open world warfare – Dynasty Warriors 9 preview

    Dynasty Warriors games have certain traditions, like discrete missions, multiple tactical decisions to make mid-battle, or somewhat iffy English dubbing. Upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9 aims to revitalise the franchise, introducing several new mechanics and a whole...

  • 24 2017 October

    Assassin’s Creed: Origins preview – In the city of Memphis

    Assassin’s Creed is a franchise which expanded at an astonishing rate, including novels, comic books, apparel and that movie nobody saw. Although every now and then we got minor upgrades, like a new gadget or...

  • 03 2017 October

    The 4 Best Casino-Related Moments in the Video Games of This Millennium

    There has long been an interesting synergy between gambling and video games. In fact, today, many online casinos are taking inspiration from video games in order to make their online action more engaging. Many of...

  • 08 2017 September

    Land Of The Lost: 4 Games That Beautifully Brought Us To Ancient Lands

    As gaming often times represents technological advancement and a step into the future, titles reflect that and an abundance of futuristic settings fill our TV screens. Popular titles like Halo, Deus Ex, Overwatch and Horizon:...

Quake 4 Website Launched

Quake 4 Website Launched

October 8, 2005 | 0 Comments

Quake IV gets a home on the interweb....

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