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X06 Announcements Leaked (?)

With X06 just round the corner (Wednesday 6pm GMT) the internet is already buzzing with what key announcements will be unveiled at the show. So much so that there has been some leakage! If this is all true then Xbox 360 gamers are in for a real treat over the next few days.Now we don't want our readers to be spoilt with the kind of announcements that are planned (again if this is true of course). But we know most of you will not resist the temptation of what could be appearing at X06. So here goes with the spilling of the beans...


Gears of War presented in single and multiplayer modes, playable at X06.

Price of the HD DVD drive to be €150 and available in Europe on 1st December with a USA release date of November 24th at a cost of $200.

New trailer for Halo3 along with more information on the game, including multiplayer modes. Multiplayer will increase from 50 to 64 players. Halo 3 will run in 1080p natively also. The game will be released in 2007 and be playable behind closed doors at X06.

More details on 1080p, with the next dashboard update expected at the end of November (To coincide with the USA release of the HD DVD perhaps?)

Additional information on XNA.

More details on Live Anywhere and its functions.

Info on Zune and the ability to play Xbox Live Arcade games.

RARE will be announcing Killer Instinct (remake or arcade?) which will be playable.

Alan Wake will be entirely playable and will be released in summer 2007, also on Windows Vista.

New trailer of Fable 2 showing confirmation of multiplayer support modes.

Xbox 360 Black will be announced for release this coming Christmas along with new bundles for the Xbox 360 and more details on the ‘Classic’ range of titles including Oblivion as a Classic title next summer 2007.

More announcements on top of these key announcements above.

Marketplace Content

Splinter Cell Doubles Agent multiplayer
Forza Motorsport 2
Sonic the Hedgehog
Viva Pinata
Need for Carbon Speed
Call of Duty 3
Pro Evolution Soccer 6
Mass Effect

Gears of War – Single Player and Multiplayer
Halo 3 trailer
Fable 2 trailer

Picture Packs and Themes:

Fable 2
Call of Duty 3
X06 Community Pack


Source: Xboxygen 

Those are some serious announcements there eh? Well, we only have less than 24hrs until we start to see if any of this is true. Be sure to check back here tomorrow evening (Wednesday) at 6pm GMT for news straight from the X06 event in Barcelona.


by Anthony Barker   @biglime    10 years

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