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Call of Duty 3 Multiplayer

Fresh from GC2006 and also from chatting up Activision, CoD3 is shown and it is looking very sweet. As much as it pains me to say, CoD3 looks better than CoD2 by a good way. Some of the info from the event is as follows.

Multiplayer for CoD3 has had a big revamp. Gone is the standard 8 player matches and in comes 24player. Yes, you are reading right. 24 players for CoD3. Not only that but the game will now support different classes of play; which include medics, snipers and assault. Pretty standard FPS settings but a great addition for CoD3. Also added for this version is the ability to drive a variety of vehicles online too. Tanks, jeeps and a few other military vehicles are there for you to play with on Live.

This game looks very, very good. I have some footage which I will post up as soon as I can. Call of Duty fans will love this game. The Atmosphere is amazing and the graphics even more so. This will be well worth the wait.

Originally Written By: Barrie Rogers

by Monster    @ConsoleMonster    9 years

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