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Six Features We'd Like To See In FIFA

With the new football season fast approaching and the transfer window well and truly in session, the hype for the next FIFA title has begun.

Due to release at the end of September, FIFA 15 is set to be the most realistic title to date when it launches on all platforms, with a whole host of new features already revealed, including emotional intelligence, dynamic match presentation and improved player control.

But what features could make the beautiful game even more beautiful? Here are six suggestions:

Career Mode Training

While pre-season friendlies are a great way of being able to test out new formations and players, they don’t allow you to truly test set pieces and other tactics to their true potential.

A training option in the Career mode would allow gamers to familiarise themselves with the players and give them the much-needed match practice. It could even be a simple extension on the already implemented Arena mode.

Control the Ref

Be the next Pierluigi Collina or Graham Poll with a game mode in which gamers take control of the referee. During matches, gamers would be able to make the decisions, giving out yellow and red cards and adding on stoppage time.

It could even be taken one step further, as player-controlled referees work their way up from the lower leagues to the likes of the Premiership, with performances judged on accuracy.

Goal Line Technology

With goal line technology playing a major part in the 2014 World Cup, it would come as no surprise to see it featured in an upcoming FIFA game.

Picture the scene: It’s the last day of the season and all you need is a point to win the title. You’re 1-0 down in the 90th minute. Your striker sends a thunderous shot goalwards. It strikes the crossbar and bounces down. Was it over the line? A quick replay from the goal line technology shows it did. You’ve won the league!

Goal of the Month

Every so often, you score a goal on FIFA that you believe is worthy of ultimate bragging rights. Imagine being able to prove your wonder strike is the best in the country or worldwide with a “Goal of the Month” feature?

While EA Sports currently runs a “Goal of the Week” competition, there’s currently no option to submit/vote for goals from the console. In true “Match of the Day” style, the best goal could be voted for by the community, with prizes on offer for the winner.

Real Time Weather

Now that the next generation consoles have arrived, there’s potential for more dynamic weather. In its current state, the weather within FIFA is pre-determined and remains that way for the duration of the match.

If implemented correctly, introducing real time weather could add another element of realism to the title. Rain could turn into snow or could disappear completely as the sun comes out.

Spectator Mode

FIFA players who regularly play online with their mates will be familiar with the phrase: “I’ll just finish this game.” Rather than twiddling your thumbs while waiting for them, imagine being able to watch your friend’s game come to its conclusion in a Spectator Mode.

It doesn’t have to be limited to just friends either. You could even watch random games online, dropping in and out as you please.


What do you think of these potential features? Do you have any suggests of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

FIFA 15 will be available on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One from Friday, September 26th, 2014.

by David W   @Wriggy    1 year

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