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Story DLC content incoming for Tomb Raider?

Today the lead art director for Tomb Raider reboot has responded to a message on social networking site Facebook commented that more content for Tomb Raider is in the works and is planed for the game. The question was asked about any more story related content for Tomb Raider and his reply was "We have DLC coming, can't go into details". With additional clothing been leaked online, will we see anymore content for Tomb Raider? 

The XP feature was a new addition to the Tomb Raider experience and Brian Horton replied saying "XP is a new addition to TR that we experimented with that may make a return in other TR games. So far, most fans like it".

So with the question about the XP feature this leads to more speculation about a new TR game. Could we be seeing a sequel to the franchise?

Let us know below what you want for any new story related content and would you like to see more adventures of the new Lara Croft?


by Steven B   @DeepestOregon    2 years

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