Xbox One features automatic storage management

Xbox One features automatic storage management, Cloud storage ‘virtually unlimited’

Published On November 20, 2013 | By David Wriglesworth | News

Worried that your Xbox One hard drive is going to quickly fill up with games and videos? Don’t be, the cloud has you covered.

We posed the question about storage to Microsoft earlier this week, after we failed to find a section dedicated to storage management on the Xbox One’s dashboard. There isn’t one, but according to the platform holder that doesn’t matter.

“Xbox One was designed to make storage management automatic,” explained a representative. “For saved games, settings, and other information that Xbox One customers save to the cloud, space is virtually unlimited.

“On the internal hard drive in each Xbox One, games and apps can be uninstalled or reinstalled instantly with the click of the Xbox One menu button. Saved games and settings information is retrieved from the cloud for any game as its being reinstalled.”

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