Xbox Murder Case Ends In Death Sentence

Xbox Murder Case Ends In Death Sentence

Published On September 21, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

Two killers were today sentenced to death by lethal injection for their roles in a murder over an Xbox. The killers Troy Victorino, 29 and Jerone Hunter, 20 were found guilty in 2004 of murdering six people over the Microsoft console.

It all happened when Victorino became angry with a one Erin Belanger who took Troys console after he was found squatting in Belangers grandmothers house. Unknown to Erin, Troy then proceeded to recruit three friends to kill Erin and five of her fellow workmates.

The sentence was at first unknown as the lawyer of Troy claimed that Mr Victorino was mentally ill due to a traumatic childhood and Jerone Hunters lawyer claimed Mr Hunter suffered from schizophrenia. Despite that the death penalty was given and neither men showed any emotion when their sentence was read to them.

The other two involved 20-year olds Michael Salas and Robert Anthony Cannon, were sentenced to life in prison. The family of Erin Belangers and her workmates can now feel justice has been served.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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