Xbox Live down for maintenance

Xbox Live down for maintenance

Published On October 24, 2005 | By Console Monster | News

If you are trying to log into Xbox Live, and you are preparing to throw your controller across the room out of pure frustration, cursing Bill Gates and asking ‘Why me?’, the rest assured, everyone is going through the exact same thing. So dont get paranoid, put the controller down and step away from the console.

Indulge in some of God’s other wonderful creations, like fast food and beer, just for tonight (and possibly tomorrow), as Xbox Live will be down for the next 28 hours-ish.

Do not be alarmed, it is routine maintenance. This is so that Microsoft can update the Live software, all ready for the grand daddy release of the Xbox 360. The same work is also being carried out on the website, this is so it can include the nifty GamerCard feature and more stuff, also ready for the 360 Launch.

For those who want to slaughter people on halo, run rings around people on PES, or just simply cut up people on Forza Motorsport, we advise you to get a friend round for the evening. Failing that, pay your siblings so you can enjoy some family ‘fun’. And if you live alone, give the dog, or the plant on top of the TV a controller, rip it apart on multiplayer, then threaten to not feed it (or water it).

Live will be back soon enough. Hopefully tomorrow night. So enjoy other godly wonders in the meantime, such as beer.

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