Xbox live boss hasn't a clue about GTA IV content

Xbox live boss hasn’t a clue about GTA IV content

Published On October 9, 2008 | By Rob Rymond | News

John Schappert, the bloke in charge of Xbox Live has admitted to Eurogamer that he has no idea when we will see the GTA IV download content.

In an interview at the Tokyo Games Show taking place in Japan, Schappert told Eurogamer that: “Frankly I don’t know [when the GTA IV content will be released]”.

He followed up saying: “Rockstar are the people to ask for that”.

Rockstar stated that the exclusive 360 download content would be avaliable this autumn and now we are in October, nothing has being heard of since. Infact we have no solid details and images to back up the penned release.

Schappert added:, “I hope as a gamer, just like I’m sure you do as a gamer, the sooner the better. I can’t wait for it”.

So when will we hear from Rockstar? Well they probably won’t speak to us, but rest assured we’ll be ploughing the internet for news from them in the near future.

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