Xbox Live Arcade Revealed

Xbox Live Arcade Revealed

Published On October 16, 2005 | By Russ Clow | News

Peter Moore has confirmed the Xbox Live Arcade service for the Xbox 360. He stated that gamers can purchase and download games onto their hard drive by using the Xbox Live Arcade. The games range from new to old, and they are representing the casual games movement. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but most titles are expected to be less than $20.00 or £15.00.

Here is an official list of games and their respected publishers:

Game Publisher

Astropop — Popcap Games
Bankshot Billiards 2 — pixelStorm, Inc
Bejeweled 2 — Popcap Games
Crystal Quest — Stainless Games
Feeding Frenzy — Popcap Games
Gauntlet — Midway Home Entertainment
Geometry Wars 2 — Bizarre Creations
Hardwood Backgammon — Silver Creek Entertainment
Hardwood Hearts — Silver Creek Entertainment
Hardwood Spades — Silver Creek Entertainment
Hexic HD — Microsoft Game Studios
Hoopworld — Streamline Studios
Jewel Quest —
Joust — Midway Home Entertainment
Marble Blast Ultra — GarageGames
Mutant Storm Reloaded — PomPom Games
Outpost Kaloki — Wahoo Studios
Robotron 2084 — Midway Home Entertainment
SmashTV — Midway Home Entertainment
Wik: Fable of Souls — Reflexive Entertainment
Zuma — Popcap Games

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