Xbox Live Activity Chart (11 September)

Xbox Live Activity Chart (11 September)

Published On September 17, 2006 | By Anthony Barker | News

Time to have a look at what’s in most peoples drive trays this week, with the Xbox Live Activity Chart, where we look at the games people are playing while they’re signed into Xbox Live.

This week we have a shorter chart for you featuring just the top 10 for both Xbox 360 titles and Arcade. Saints Row appears to be the number one favorite among gamers this week followed by last week’s regulars of Madden and Call of Duty 2. Test Drive Unlimited debuts this week and joins the chart in fourth place.

Xbox 360 Top Live Games

1 Saints Row
2 Madden NFL 07
3 Call of Duty 2
4 Test Drive Unlimited
5 Ghost Recon 3
7 Oblivion
8 Texas Hold ’em
9 Chromehounds

It’s a pretty standard turn out on the Xbox Live Arcade this week. New entry Scramble pops in at number seven.

Top Arcade Titles (Full Versions)

1 Texas Hold ’em
2 Hexic HD
3 Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting
5 Geometry Wars Evolved
6 Time Pilot
7 Scramble
9 Marble Blast Ultra
10 Bankshot Billiards 2

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