XBox 360 ugly rumours and rumours of single threading explored

XBox 360 ugly rumours and rumours of single threading explored

Published On November 4, 2005 | By Console Monster | News

“About a week ago, we ran some stories about the XBox360, and there were two major points made here. First, the kiosk an INQ writer spent quality time with looked horrible, and then a Microsoft multithreading guru stood up in front of a room full of reporters and said all Christmas games are single threaded. Well, we received a lot of mail on both, chatted with some Microsoft people, games developers, and other related parties, all in an attempt to get closer to the facts.

The first are the looks of the consoles in Wal-Mart stores. I said they looked horrible, and a long chat with the person who was there confirmed it, blocky, pixellated and generally un-fun games. The fun quotient is subjective, and these are early demos, so don’t make up your mind yet.

Blockiness and generally bad graphics are not nearly as subjective, but have a good explanation. Two of the emails we received explained it in great detail:”

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