Xbox 360 to get HD-DVD drive

Xbox 360 to get HD-DVD drive

Published On January 5, 2006 | By Russ Clow | News

Microsoft today announced that the Xbox 360 WILL be compatible with the new toshiba HD-DVD format.

The news comes after alot of speculation as to whether or not HD-DVD would be supported, as it is the main rival to Sonys blu-ray format discs on the Playstation 3.

Bill Gates spoke last night at CES along with Peter Moore and they said that an External HD-DVD drive would be available before the end of 2006 to be used with the Xbox 360.  The price was not announced.

Despite the fact that Microsoft have blatantly not supplied enough consoles for the demand in Europe and USA, they have still said that they expect 4.5 to 5.5 million Xbox 360s to be have been produced by the end of June with a prediction of 50 games being available to accompany that figure.

The HD-DVD drive will allow users to play High-Definition DVD’s on their Xbox 360 and HD-TV allowing for optimum viewing and pleasure.

Along with the news of a HD-DVD drive, Bill Gates mentioned that Street Fighter II and Texas hold-’em poker will be made available on Xbox Live marketplace later in the year.

Bill Gates full Keynote address from CES 2006 can be downloaded from Major Nelson’s Blog site.

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