Xbox 360 Sales In Japan...

Xbox 360 Sales In Japan…

Published On December 24, 2005 | By Console Monster | News

Saying Microsoft has had a poor week for sales in Japan is a definite understatement. With the DS dominating the sales charts, Microsoft sold only 8,623 consoles compared to Nintendo selling over 408,770 Nintendo DS’

Below is the complete sales chart for the week ending on the 18th of December:

DS – 408,770
PSP – 95,689
PS2 – 55,342
GBASP – 19,098
NGC – 17,849
GBM – 14,432
XBX 360 – 8,623
GBA – 416
XBX – 182

Total sales: 620,401
Last week’s sales: 507,148

Hopefully with the release of DOA4 next week, Microsoft will become a bit more successfull selling their 360’s in Japan.

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