Xbox 360 Laptop Mod

Xbox 360 Laptop Mod

Published On September 17, 2006 | By Anthony Barker | News

The internet is buzzing over the past week with news of Ben Heckendorn’s Xbox 360 Laptop mod. In what sounds like a casual friendly banter with a mate down the local, Ben accepted the challenge of ripping out the innards of an Xbox 360 and cramming them all into a laptop style form factor. He didn’t stop there either as this image shows…

Yes, what you see crammed in there is a water cooled Xbox 360, integrated speakers, WiFi, additional USB hub, full QWERTY keyboard and a TFT display pumping out an HD 1280×720 resolution to-boot. Not bad eh? Well this mod comes with a compromise and that’s the weight, which weighs in at an bicep toning 14 pounds! With everything tucked away there is only the need of just the power cable, which means further additional weight from ‘the brick’ ;). Bottom line, this mod works and here’s a video of the Xbox Laptop in action to prove it.

Check out the full modding experience with more photos and videos over at Ben’s site here and let us know what you think of the mod in our comments below.

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