Xbox 360 Kiosk Details

Xbox 360 Kiosk Details

Published On October 22, 2005 | By Russ Clow | News

Joystiq today mentioned that a MS rep has tipped them off as to how the Xbox 360 kiosks are going to be spread throughout the USA, and hopefully the UK over the next few weeks.

All of the current 360 display units in Wal-Mart stores, as mentioned in our earlier story here, will be replaced with Xbox 360 kiosks over the next three weeks. 

Best Buy Kiosks will also start to be arriving within the next week and should all be fully installed by the week after.

Finally Target and Toys’r’us will get inline displays, whilst other stores such as Gamestop, EB and circuit city will all get either free-standing kiosks, which apparently look great according to the MS rep, or will be privileged to get speciality display cabinets.

If that wasn’t enough of a show-off, all the display kiosks will feature a 23inch Samsung HDTV (High-Definition TeleVision) to fully show off the 360’s graphical power.  Awesome!

Sadly though, we still have no information about UK kiosks.  However, Microsoft tend not to forget their European counter-parts like some console developers seem to (*Cough*Sony*Cough*), so we’re sure that European kiosks will be on the way very soon for us to spend our lunch breaks on!

More news when we get it – as always.

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