Xbox 360 Accessories Guide

Xbox 360 Accessories Guide

Published On November 30, 2005 | By Console Monster | News

It’s getting ever closer, and as always, Microsoft offer a huge selection of 360 peripherals and accessories.  We take a glimpse at them all and tell you which ones are essential, and which ones can be skipped.

Wireless Controller — Essential

The XBOX 360 premium pack comes bundled with a wireless controller, of which works from a range of 30 metres. An expected upgrade in the next generation era and a welcome one. Gamers may require to pick up an extra Wireless Controller in order to have some multiplayer fun with mates around your new 360 console. Alternatively…

Wired Controller — Essential IF you don’t have wireless

… If you don’t mind the old method of wired controllers then you may want to save a few quid and pick up the wired controller. In terms of design it is exactly the same as the wireless controller of which very closely matches the standard Xbox’s Controller S in terms of design.

Logitech 3RD Party Pad — Not Essential (Money Saver)

The Logitech pad is an alternative control pad to the Microsoft designed pads. While in terms of functionality and design the Logitech pad is very similar, it offers some subtle differences in a back-lit central button (taking you to the XBOX 360 Media Centre) and some tweaked shoulder buttons. It will also save you around £5.

Play and Charge Kit — Essential for Wireless gaming

From scouting Internet forums and the like, many people who have ordered a 360 console have ordered this peripheral too. The simple device allows you to simply continue playing games while your wireless 360 controller is recharging, a premise which will come in very handy through long sessions.

Joytech Nitro Racing Wheel – Luxury

Ideal for use with Project Gotham Racing 3 this is the first XBOX 360 compatible racing setup and it provides all the expected functionality: durable racing wheel, functioning pedals and vibration feedback. Ideal for really experiencing the 360’s racing games.

XBOX 360 Hard Drive (20 gb) — Essential if you want to play Xbox games.

The hard drive comes in the box of the 360 Premium package however many keen gamers who could only order a Core package due to the product shortage may find that buying an Xbox 360 hard drive is essential. Also gamers who are new to Xbox may find it worthwhile to pick up a hard drive at a later date.

XBOX 360 Memory Unit — Essential if you don’t have a Hard-Drive

The memory unit holds 64mb of video game data and allows you to quickly and easily transport any of your gaming data with you. The memory unit is plug in and play and there is room for two to be plugged into the XBOX 360 control pad.

XBOX 360 Wireless Adapter – Luxury

Allows you to connect to your 360 to your home wireless setup and get on Live without the need for wires. You will be able to share music and video between your 360 and PC also, dependent on your home networks settings.

XBOX Live 12 Month and 3 Month Gold Membership Card – Luxury

The membership card gives gamers the ability to take their gaming skills into the online arena and play against gamers from all over the world.

XBOX Live 2100 Points – Luxury

Market place points can be ordered to enhance your 360 online experience. Via. XBOX Live gamers will be able to access a host of extras such as wallpapers, themes and demos. Live Points help pay for these things.

XBOX 360 Universal Media Remote – Luxury

The Universal Media Remote gives gamers easy access to all the features on the 360 that aren’t video games. You will be able to browse movies, access music and generally get the most from the XBOX 360’s home entertainment system functions.

Face Plates — Not Needed

Upon launch there will be a host of different fascias available to users allowing them to customise their 360 console. Plates available on launch include: Hot Rod, Chrome, Sun and Wood.

Storage Packages — Not Needed

Microsoft have released a range of storage packages to coincide with the launch of the XBOX 360 including: back pack, sling pack, DVD wallet and accessory bag. All packages are embroidered with the 360 logo.

So then, as you can see, it’s pretty obvious what is essential, and what isn’t.  If you want to take full advantage of wireless gaming, wireless pads and a plug and play kit are essential.  The 20GB hard-drive really isn’t needed, unless you want to play your backwards compatible games.  Face plates, storage packages are really not needed, but if you have the money to burn, you might as well buy them!

Obviously, you’ll want to have a LIVE kit if you’re playing online, but it’s more of a luxury. 

We’re not here to tell you what to buy and what not to buy, it really depends on your budget, but we can say that there are one or two things that you just NEED to buy, else you won’t fully benefit from your 360.

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