X06: Ensemble Making Halo RTS

X06: Ensemble Making Halo RTS

Published On September 27, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

Fresh from X06 is the news that Ensemble Studios and Bungie are working together to produce a Halo based RTS game for the PC and 360. Many people may remember the Halogen Command & Conquer Generals mod that Microsoft shutdown after 3 years of development. Many were shocked but after this X06 news it does make a bit more sense now.

360Monster will keep you updated with any news and media that appears from X06 on this interesting new spin on the Halo universe.

Update: The game is being called Halo Wars and will give players the chance to be both sides and play with all your favourite units and weapons, including the Spartan’s.

Originally Written By: Barrie Rogers

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