Worms Confirmed for the Live Arcade

Worms Confirmed for the Live Arcade

Published On November 10, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

Team17 recently confirmed, by way of a post in their official forums, that Worms would indeed be coming to the Xbox Live Arcade and pretty soon, presumably. The post stated:
“Plans for announcements are being discussed with MS next week, hold tight. The game is in final certification stages btw, yes it’s pretty much all finished apart from any last bugs they find. MS has a schedule of releases and we’ll soon find out how we fit into that”

But it seems Spadge, who made the original post, may have spoken too soon, because the post now says “Tom has a small todger.” No really, it does. Check the link if you don’t believe me!

So Worms on the Live Arcade remains subject to debate, although the fact the original confirmation was removed suggests it’s true. However, it’s unlikely we’ll see in the next few weeks, as Microsoft’s Live Arcade line-up is looking pretty solid already.

Originally Written By: Scott Webber

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