Wii Pole Dancing - No

Wii Pole Dancing – No, really…

Published On May 3, 2008 | By Console Monster | News

Thanks to Joystiq for this one, but it seems that the joked about Wii Pole Dancing game is actually a reality. Peekaboo Pole Dancing, uh-huh, is a company that plans to release a “Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit” for the Wii. They also, apparently, will be releasing the Carmen Electra endorsed “Electra-pole.”

The company refers to pole dancing as an aerobic exercise, which is perfect for the Wii: “[The Wii is] all about fun and fitness…” Peekaboo Pole Dancing wants “to do for pole dancing what Guitar Hero did for rock n roll!” — Make it a video game little kids are exceptionally good at!

I’m more excited to see who buys this than I am to see the results of their stripping–ahem–fitness.

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