Why isn't there enough 360's

Why isn’t there enough 360’s

Published On November 18, 2005 | By Console Monster | News

Is there a shortage? did Microsoft make a mistake bye having a 3 regional launch or is there another reason. As many of you know the amount of xbox 360 is rumored to be very limited, some stores are getting as little as six-premium xbox 360. But what is the reason behind this so-called shortage or is there really not a shortage but a hoax? Here is a list of some of the possible reasons behind this shortage:

#1. Its a Hoax

I find it highly unlikely that a company would fake a shortage, maybe to get some publicity but does Microsoft have to go to such extremes just to get the 360 noticed? The answer is no.

#2. Because celebrities are getting the all

I’m sure we have all seen the pictures floating around the net with celebrities like Paris Hilton and Justin Timberlake Holding their xbox 360’s after the xbox 360 launch party .

#3. Every Ten Minutes

If there is any reason to blame Microsoft for the low amount of xbox 360 shiping to retailers its the amount of xbox 360 given away in the every ten minutes contest and various others. If one xbox 360 was given away every ten minutes that would mean that 1,440 were given away everyday and 10,080 a week. That number is scary considering how long the contest lasted. Makes you wonder how many people who pre-orderd whould have gotten there 360 at launch, how many of Microsofts loyal fan base would have gotten there 360 on day one.

You can’t just blame Microsoft either there are other things to take into consideration such as the high demand and the fact that there launching in 3 regions. When the xbox 360 launches we will find out how real this shortage is.

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