Watch Dogs multiplayer detailed: Deathmatch

Watch Dogs multiplayer detailed: Deathmatch, Free Roam, Tablet-vs-TV

Published On April 23, 2014 | By David Wriglesworth | News

Ubisoft has detailedWatch Dogs’s competitive multiplayer modes in a new wave of press previews.

The highly anticipated open-world game will feature online Team Deathmatch for up to eight players, plus an Online Decryption mode which has two teams competing to obtain a data file.

The single-player game’s hacking powers transfer over to multiplayer, with players able to wirelessly defuse opponent’s grenades or trap them on automated suspension bridges, among other powers.

Competitive multiplayer matches will take place in locked-off sections of the single-player city, however Ubisoft has confirmed that a Free Roam game type will feature.

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