Wall-E: The Video Game (360) Review

Wall-E: The Video Game (360) Review

Published On July 20, 2008 | By Anthony Barker | News
David brings us his impressions on Wall-E: The Video Game in our review

“A few weeks before writing this review I reviewed Kung Fu Panda, which renewed my confidence in movie-to-game conversions despite its few flaws. Unfortunately, the faith didn’t last long as I played through Wall-E. Another movie-based game to be released on consoles this summer and another poor movie-to-game tie-in.

Being based on the movie, the story had great potential for a game and thankfully it sticks to the plot well: Mankind has left Earth and somebody forgot to turn off the last robot, Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class – or WALL-E for short…”

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