Video Game Bloggers Are Losers - Glenn Beck

“Video Game Bloggers Are Losers” – Glenn Beck

Published On May 8, 2008 | By Console Monster | News

We’ve talked about this gentleman before, Glenn Beck’s the one that said that GTA IV was a great way to “train your sons to be killers.” Well he’s back… this time watch as someone tries to stand on the side of GTA IV and he blows her off. Great stuff, really.

I’d just like to point out that I, and I’m sure this goes for the rest of Console Monster’s friends and staff, am not really offended. Video games are a piece of entertainment and, sometimes, art. They are to be taken in and enjoyed. This isn’t going to stop me from enjoying things that I have for some time. All Glenn Beck is doing, in my opinion, is making those that love GTA defensive and making those that don’t have it more curious to buy it. The man is probably driving up the already skyrocketing sales.

“Rated ‘M’ for Money…” hilarious.

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