Update - 8th May

Update – 8th May

Published On May 8, 2008 | By Rob Rymond | News

The PlayStation Network store has been updated today and it includes a demo for Race Driver GRID as released on the Xbox 360 earlier today as well as plenty of videos to keep you entertained. A full list of the content is below:


Race Driver GRID


Guitar Hero III ‘Def Leppard’ track pack (£3.99)
Guitar Hero III ‘Muse’ track pack (£3.99)
Army of Two ‘SSC Challenge’ game pack (£3.99)


Mirror’s Edge Gameplay trailer (free)
PlayStation Day “Introduction: Kaz Hirai”
PlayStation Day “Play has no limitations”
PlayStation Day “Play is hiding and waiting”
PlayStation Day “Play is full throttle”
PlayStation Day “Play is a thousand stories”
PlayStation Day “Play brings us together”
PlayStation Day “Play is moving hips, lips”
PlayStation Day “Play is unexplored”
PlayStation Day “Summary: Play”
PlayStation Day Compilation

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