Uno Review Now Available

Uno Review Now Available

Published On September 25, 2006 | By James Woodcock | News

James Woodcock reviews the Xbox 360 Live Arcade title Uno:

“It is easy today to play on our modern gaming console systems and forget how we arrived at our latest entertainment diversion. Before gaming consoles, I remember enjoying board games such as that instantly recognisable business one, of course named Monopoly, detective work thanks to Cluedo (Colonel Mustard in the Library with the candlestick?) and many others that became a family event.

Card games have also played an important role, but there are many variations of this type ranging from very tactical to just good fun. In 1971, Merle Robbins developed Uno, which was set to change Xbox Live Arcade forever as it sailed onto our digital shores!”

To read the full review, click the link below:
Uno Review for Xbox 360

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