Trio of Content Hits Marketplace

Trio of Content Hits Marketplace

Published On July 13, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

Three pieces of free content were thrown up on Marketplace Wednesday night. The first being a demo of NCAA Football 07, EA’s yearly college American football game. The second is a demo walkthrough of Mass Effect, a new RPG from the great folks at BioWare. To round out the trifecta is a Halo 3 documentary. The documentary dealt with the creation of the E3 06 trailer. You might have already saw it, as the documentary was available for download on last month.

The trailer for Mass Effect can be downloaded in either 480p or 720p, while the Halo 3 documentary is only available in 720p.

Look for a hands-on preview of the NCAA Football 07 demo coming to the site in the coming days.

Originally Written By: Art Green

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