Tony Hawks Project 8

Tony Hawks Project 8

Published On August 23, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

Seeing Project 8 in the flesh is a great experience. An even better one is getting to play it. Just in case many are wondering, the Project 8 is actually the real title. Tony Hawks is travelling the land looking for 8 people to join his new skateboarding project. Hence the title. The developers have started from scratch with everything from a new engine, new physics and new gameplay. Fans will be glad to hear that Tony is heading back to his roots and the game plays more like the first Tony Hawks game.

Many saw the Project 8 footage and saw no trick counters or bars, so instantly thought “ footage” but I can say that it looks just like the video shows. Footage of Project 8 will be fired up soon for you to check out and I am sure you will love it.

Controls have had an interesting tweak also, which may scare fans. The left thumbstick controls your left leg and the right thumbstick controls, you guessed it, the right leg. So being able to make up your own tricks and skills is pretty easy as long as your timing is good. The slow motion is called “Nail the Trick” and gives you that chance to pull off a score busting trick or just hammer into a wall. Easy to start with but it gets harder and harder the more you try and push every trick. Added also is the branch move so you can link your fancy thumbstick twiddles into a seemless display of skill and prowess or just pure luck. Either way, Project 8 is on track to be a hot 360 title.

No news on Xbox Live for Project 8 but I am sure it is there. I will go and pester Activision more for some info on the Live side.

Originally Written By: Barrie Rogers

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