Tomb Raider episodic content exclusive for 360

Tomb Raider episodic content exclusive for 360

Published On October 6, 2008 | By Rob Rymond | News

Microsoft has announced this evening that it will exclusively release two downloadable add-on episodes for Tomb Raider: Underworld on the Xbox Live service following the release of the game.

The episodes titles ‘Beneath The Ashes and ‘Lara’s Shadow’ will offer six hours of new gameplay and content between them. The cost of the episodes remains unclear at this stage, however Eidos did confirm to Eurogamer that a 360 exclusive demo will be on the Marketplace later this month.

The first episode, Beneath The Ashes will be out by Christmas and will follow events after the conclusion of the main game. In a statement Eidos promised: “an incredible new environment to explore, additional secrets to unlock and different enemies to fight”.

The next episode, Lara’s Shadow will be released in early 2009 and will ‘introduce players to a new kind of playable character and create a unique Tomb Raider experience’. No one is quite sure what this means at this stage, but it sounds interesting nevertheless.

“We’re thrilled that Xbox owners will be able to extend their Lara Croft adventures with exclusive Tomb Raider: Underworld episodes,” George Peckham, general manager of Microsoft’s global third party publishing branch commented.

“We look forward to continue working closely with our great publishing partners to deliver the most robust gaming experiences, only on Xbox 360.”

The episodic content appears to be getting a future upcoming push on the console with the arrival of GTA IV episodic content by Christmas.

Tomb Raider: Underworld meanwhile is out on 21st November.

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