TimeShift Screenshots

TimeShift Screenshots

Published On April 11, 2007 | By Luke De'ath | News

Developers Saber Interactive have released five (yes five) brand-new screenshots for their upcoming Futuristic Sci-fi action adventure – TimeShift for Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Which can be viewed in our Media Section.

While TimeShift was originally an Xbox title, before changing to new developers and a whole new console Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Saber Interactive have taken the game apart and re-designed everything. In TimeShift you’ll be able to bend time [like the Japaneses guy on Heroes] apart from a brand new look and feel to TimeShift, Saber Interactive have gutted the original story line, you’ll no longer play as Col. Swift, but some sort of High-Tech ninja.

Just to show you how far TimeShift has come, we’ve included an original screenshot;

Lets hope that TimeShift doesn’t slip to the back pages of History again. Currently slated for a Jan, Feb, March, April, May ’07 release date we’re very excited to see if this title was worth the wait.

Let us know your thoughts on the brand-new batch of screenshots by leaving a comment below.

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