THQ officially license the Unreal Engine 3

THQ officially license the Unreal Engine 3

Published On March 21, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

THQ recently revealed that they have licensed Epics ‘Unreal Engine’. THQ will be yet another company in an ever expanding list including Sony and Atari, all of which have licensed Epics new Engine.

Gamers will soon be able to see the ultra-powerful engine in action, as it is being used in Epics highly anticipiated Gears of War and Namco will also be using it in their futuristic shooter Frame City Killer. It seems Nintendo are the only ones who have not taken the leap towards this new Engine, but give it a few months and I think you’ll see their name on the list as well.

Jack Sorensen of THQ commented on the new license saying “Unreal Engine 3 is widely regarded as a premier next-generation engine technology. We plan to complement our own proprietary engines with the Unreal Engine technology to create truly innovative gameplay experiences on both next-gen consoles and Windows PC.”

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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