Thompson Blames The VT Massacre On Counter Strike

Thompson Blames The VT Massacre On Counter Strike

Published On April 19, 2007 | By Console Monster | News

Although not directly relatedto the Next-Gen consoles we cover at Monster, we thought this article was worth posting:

Jack Thompson has blamed the shocking VT Massacre onCounter-Strike, saying the game gave Seung-Hui a way of killing innocent students.

In an interview on MSNBC’s Hardball programme, Thompson came out and said he believed Seung-Hui’s habit of playing Counter Strike played a key roll in how he managed to go around the campus and kill over 30 people.

He believed the game to be one of the main reasons why Seung-Hui went stealthily from classroom to classroom in a calm, cool and collective manner and kill so many innocent people.

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Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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