The Wii is Dead

The Wii is Dead, Long Live the Wii.

Published On October 21, 2013 | By Sam Finch | News

Change is tough, and fraught with difficulties in acclimatising to new conditions. And so it was upon entering this fading generation of consoles, with endless Red Rings of Death plaguing the Xbox 360, the PS3 suffering delay after delay (and forcing me to look elsewhere, reluctantly, for my console joys) and the oddly off-kilter, typically Japanese Wii storming in to expose an untapped market. It was a difficult time, and now, with the Wii U out in the wild and the PS4 and Xbox ONE soon to join it, in a wholly more predatory sense, we should take a moment to look back as production on the original Wii officially comes to an end.

The simple word, ‘discontinued’, on the console’s page on the Nintendo site rings the final death knell for the quirky cousin of this generation, and whether it inspired joy, hatred or mania, or all of the aforementioned, it certainly made its stake in the gaming zeitgeist over the past seven years since its release.

RIP Wii, Wii’ll miss you.

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