The Outfit Official Site Launches

The Outfit Official Site Launches

Published On December 12, 2005 | By Anthony Barker | News

Relic Entertainment announced today the launch of the official website for The Outfit, an explosive third-person WW2 title combining intense squad-based combat with the Freedom of Total Destruction.


Finally a website that is a breeze to navigate around and you’re not faced with moving your mouse over areas of the site in hunt of an active link. Hovering over areas on this site brings you rewards of seeing mini movie clips as intros to sections of the official site.

This flash based website sits you through a variety of informative areas where you can checkout the playable axis and allied weapons and vehicles in the game, view a selection of screenshots and art in the gallery, download wallpapers and fan kits in the download section and view videos and read articles about the developers, screenwriters and voice actors in the game.

Destructive environment example (taken from the Fan Kit)

Two special A list Hollywood actors provide voices to characters in the game. Robert ‘The Terminator T-1000’ Partick provides the voice for Deuce Williams while Ron ‘Hellboy’ Pearlman adds his vocals to big Tommy Mac.

If you got a spare moment or you’re reading this during your ‘15mins screen’ break at work, then go and check out the site to see if The Outfit, fits you.

The Outfit comes to the Xbox360 in 2006.

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