Survive the economic collapse

Survive the economic collapse

Published On October 19, 2008 | By Chris Taylor | News

We all know the world is slowly running out of money, and quite recently it’s shown. HBOS have gone under, Iceland is in big trouble and the stock market is all over the place. People are saying it’s as bad as the Wall Street Crash, which is definitely not good. Mortgages, savings and companies are in big trouble. But so is our gaming. How are we meant to continue gaming with very little money? In this edition of ‘How To’ you shall be treated to tips on how to get through the economic struggle and still enjoy your gaming.

Tip #1 – Sell your old games at your local games store

A nice easy way to make some quick cash is to get rid of games you no longer need. Have an old copy of Fable lying around or a copy of Forza Motorsport 2 gathering dust on your shelf? Group them together and sell them off. First of all, try your local game store. Most stores will take your games from you and give you either cash or in-store credit to spend on what you wish. You will need to look around the stores to find the best price for your games. A few quid extra on your copy of Singstar can make a big difference.

“Going! Going! Gone! A copy of Viva Pinata for £20 to the man with the red mask and mortar board!”

Tip #2 – If the above fails, the internet is your friend

If you can’t get a decent price for your games, but really want to get rid of them, try the internet. Advertise them on sites like Twitter or Facebook if needs be, because you never know, one of your friends may fancy buying the game from you. The best bet on the internet is probably eBay. Set up an account and stick your games up there so people can bid on them. You can get a surprising amount for certain games. There are also specific game swapping sites that let you trade games with other people on the internet. If all else fails, head on over to the Console Monster forums and post in there to see if any of our members fancy it.

Tip #3 – Use a games rental service

Be it Blockbuster, Tesco online or anything else, rent your games! It will save you a lot of money in the long run, plus if you don’t like the game it won’t have cost you so much. And renting is so easy too. Just set up an account, pick the service you want (most companies offer different services such as ‘basic’ or ‘unlimited’), then order your games and wait for them to arrive. Once you’re done, just send them back. It’s that simple and it’s very cheap too.

Tip #4 – Buy some old games and play those instead

Instead of spending in excess of £40 per new game every few weeks, pick up an old console such as a Dreamcast and catch up on some games you may have missed. The Dreamcast console in my local CEX is going for £15, which is a bargain in itself. That’s more than half the price of a normal retail game! If you already have a few old consoles lying around, raid charity shops or vintage gaming shops to find classic NES/SNES/Megadrive games going for about £5 each. Some retro games such as Earthbound and Chrono Trigger (if you can even find them anymore) have a heck of a lot of longevity and can keep you happy for a long while.

If you can find it cheap, it can keep you amused for a looong time

Tip #5 – Play Sim City

Your life is a mess and you haven’t got a lot of money? Get Sim City, create you own city and manage the economy as it should be done. Keep your citizens happy and wealthy and then destroy their economy so they know how it feels. Perfect for the broke and annoyed gamer within!

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