Stolen Dev Kits

Stolen Dev Kits

Published On October 15, 2005 | By Console Monster | News

The German magazine Spiegel says that in the month of August unknown suspects have succeeded in stealing ten prototypes (development kits) of the Xbox 360 in a hangar during a flight from Hong Kong to Germany. The kits were destined for game developers to test their creations.

The thieves were looking for a long time for the consoles, because they were packed in normal boxes between other things. The police say they have recovered three units so far, but seven are still missing.

J. Allard also said recently:

“We do know that they’re already being very ambitious with it and it’s flattering in a way. […] There will be the hobbyists that want to rip it apart. There’ll still be the pirates that want to rip it off. We can’t avoid that. The philosophy that we applied on 360 is, “It’s going to happen.””

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