Star Trek beaming on the 360?

Star Trek beaming on the 360?

Published On January 18, 2006 | By Chris Brandrick | News

Could US developer Mad Doc Software create some Star Trek fun for you 360 owners? Well apparently so!

Ian Lane Davis, CEO of Mad Doc has recently spoken to US gaming mag Game Informer and said: “We’ve always wanted to do a Star Trek game that captures the core Star Trek fantasy. When you look at the history of Star Trek games, there have been some good games, but we felt we haven’t had the chance to make the game the Star Trek fans want until now.”

Apparently the game will be created for the the PC and of course the Xbox 360.

Several details about the game have been revealed including the fact that the game will take place over three different ‘Trek’ related time periods, including the Enterprise era, and sections featuring the original series! A Multiplayer mode is also included, which will feature Borgs, Klingons and more!

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