Splinter Cell: DA Single Player Demo

Splinter Cell: DA Single Player Demo

Published On December 5, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

A new demo has hit the marketplace and it’s for Ubisoft’s stealth title Splinter Cell: DA. A multiplayer demo has already been released on the marketplace and for anyone wondering how good the single player is might want to check out the new demo on the marketplace now.

Heres what we at 360 Monster had to say about the game, “The new Splinter Cell is without a doubt the best game in the series. With a fresh new multiplayer which is both addictive and unbelievably fun and a campaign mode with all new twists and turns to keep you occupied. Just the multiplayer will keep you hooked for weeks on end, but if that’s not enough then the fact that the game has three alternate endings may get you going through the story one more time. Graphically it’s truly stunning and if anything this has to be one of if not the best game to hit the 360 thus far, it really is. My advice to you is buy it, not tomorrow or on the weekend, but NOW.”

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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