Spartans Rage a Battle in DOA4

Spartans Rage a Battle in DOA4

Published On October 16, 2005 | By Russ Clow | News

An announcement at X05 by Team Ninja gave information that a Halo character would appear in their Dead or Alive 4 fighting game. Many suspected that it was Master Chief, even though Team Ninja clearly said that he was not the character.

“Don’t make me back-attack you.”

Too our relief, we will not be fighting in DOA4 with a Grunt, but instead with a Spartan-458. She is a female Spartan, and looks much sleeker than the buffed up MC. Bungie and Team Ninja have been working together at also creating a unique Halo level in DOA4, which is the level in the background of this picture. While a lot of people are pointing fingers as to what relevance this new character has to the Halo series, many believe it’s Miranda Keys. We’ll let you know the details as they emerge..

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