South Park

South Park, satire and us – by Matt Stone

Published On March 7, 2014 | By David Wriglesworth | News

With his creative partner Trey Parker, Matt Stone created both the enduringly popular adult cartoon seriesSouth Parkand the smash-hit musicalThe Book of Mormon.

Pairing boyish, gross-out comedy with biting parody, they are two of the darkest satirists in US media.

Working with video-game developer Obsidian Entertainment, Stone has spent the last few years both writing and overseeingSouth Park: The Stick of Truth, a game that’s far from the usual throwaway licensed cash-in. Instead it’s an interactive extension of theSouth Parkuniverse, with the same shocking and irresistible sense of humour.

Here he talks about comedy’s ever-expanding boundaries and the challenges of writing for interactive rather than passive comedy.

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