Sonys Advertising PGR3 Again!

Sonys Advertising PGR3 Again!

Published On May 17, 2007 | By Console Monster | News

We all remember a while back when it was revealed that a site run by Sony contained a banner advertising Project Gotham Racing 3. Needless to say Sony wasted no time in removing said photo and replaced it with a GT: HD photo.

It seems that Sony’s Partners seem to have caught the same bug andare also promoting Project Gotham Racing 3 by accident. The mistake comes from KIA motors, and the photo in question is of a Ferrari Enzo from PGR3. How do we know it’s from PGR3? If you look at the number plate it quite obviously says PGR.

Yet again Sony have been quick to rectify the mistake, or at least point it out to Kia, but not before some cheeky chap got a print screen of the balls up. Opps!!

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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