Sony Comment on Xbox 360 Elite

Sony Comment on Xbox 360 Elite

Published On March 27, 2007 | By Luke De'ath | News

With the recent news that Microsoft are going to release an ’elite’ Xbox 360 including HDMI output and a 120GB HDD, for $479.99. Sony are putting on their boxing gloves and awaiting a fight..again. Senior Vice President of Marketing Peter Dille has released this statement;

“We think every PlayStation 3 owner should have an “elite” experience, which is why we include an internal hard drive and HDMI output in every PS3 we sell, along with the 50 GB of storage capacity on a high definition Blu-ray disc. Sony has been the strongest advocate of high definition as the future of next-generation gaming. This requires high-definition components, including HDMI output, and large storage devices to deliver and store all that rich and vivid HD content. Microsoft’s announcement today not only legitimizes Sony’s PS3 strategy, it moves us closer to adopting universal standards in the area of high definition gaming that will benefit game developers and ultimately the end user.”

We await Microsoft’s response to this but we’re guessing it’ll be something to do with the pricing of the Playstation 3 considering the ’elite’ version is only $479.99 and the Playstation 3 is $599.99. Let us know your thoughts via the comment box below.

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