So what have you been playing?

So what have you been playing?

Published On April 30, 2008 | By Anthony Barker | News

April has come to an end here at Console Monster, and after a small break we have decided to bring back our monthly Monster Month editorials. This is where we ask staff members about their month of gaming. Unlike previous Monster Months, this time we have decided to include our views and opinions on the month’s gaming news. From the variety of topics set we have created a monsterous article, so we’ve decided to chop them up into bite size chunks and release them over the next few days. So to kick off we’ll start off with our usual Monster Month question…

“So what have you been playing?”

Anthony – This month has been pretty much a non gaming month for me. In the little time I have been playing I have managed to play and complete Uncharted on the PS3. Awesome game and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has just recently picked up a PS3 or considering in buying it. Graphically the best title I’ve seen on the PS3 so far, the script and characters were a joy to listen to and play through. Russ’s review hits the nail on the head where he mentioned how just when you can get bored of doing a puzzle section or climbing along platforms – the game switches and you are quickly onto something else, it’s just great!

Just like Forza 2, I had lost all interest in GT5 Prologue pretty quickly, I had about a week of beating all the classes up to level A – which to be honest was a total breeze. But Class A seems to be a Mont Blanc of a learning curve, so you really have to put the effort into win or race a lot to be able to earn enough credits to buy a better car that will enable you to win without a sweating too much.

Surprisingly my 360 hasn’t had much of a look in this month, I gave Viking a go which was a surprising hack and slash fest of a game. James tells me the second island in the game is more of a challenge which is interesting after the first island being a little too easy, and also worrying that after the first island I’m a little bored now of doing the same things over and over again. This month’s best LIVE Arcade has to go to Ikaruga, still hard as I remembered playing on the Gamecube/Dreamcast, but still, what a classic shooter worthy of being on Arcade.

Chris – I’ve been playing Psychonauts recently, which I absolutely love. Yes, it is a few years too late but it’s such an original game. I’ve also been playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2, finishing the single player. Next up…GTA IV

Dave – April has been a rather strange month for me as I didn’t plan on buying any titles but Grand Theft Auto IV and I ended up with Mario Kart Wii, Wii Fit and GTA IV. I managed to crack out three Wii reviews and an XBOX Live Arcade review so I did my bit for Console Monster. April also saw the beginning of 360Sync’s Scavenger Hunt which I thought went well and I also managed to nab myself a prize.

This month I have been playing the titles I mentioned above as well as Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and Colin McRae DiRT. On Vegas 2 I managed to complete all the terrorist hunts on realistic with Reece and Tom (Kirbish) and finished off the campaign on realistic with Reece despite my incredible lag. On Colin McRae DiRT I simply finished off the career and the online to grab the last few achievements (with Reece again). And not forgetting the incredible Grand Theft Auto IV!!

Craig – This month for me has been all about reaching my third prestige level on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I’m just addicted to that game at the moment, and with a few side bets on with friends it’s certainly made it a little bit more exciting.

So we all know what game has just come out, but for my preparation to this game I have managed to grab myself a copy of Bully: Scholarship Edition. It’s great just to skate around outside the school walls and explore the outer surroundings. And if it wasn’t for Bully I think I’d be pulling out my hair waiting for GTA to arrive. Thank you Rockstar.

Being a massive Xbox Live Arcade fan – 40 odd titles – this month has seen me dipping into my Microsoft Points fund yet again, this time for Pac-Man: Championship Edition. At 800 Ms Points it’s double the price of its predecessors but I just couldn’t resist.

Thomas – Apart from the obvious (GTAIV) I have been gorging out a bit on various Xbox Live Arcade games such as Arkadian Warriors, Band of Bugs and the newly released Lost Cities. I find arcade games great to just shove on for short gameplay sessions when I don’t really have the time to delve into a retail game for a decent gaming session.

I have also been playing around with some of the new shooter/action titles, including Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (been caning the multiplayer), Dark Sector (almost through the single player), and Condemned 2 (again, ploughing through the single player).

Finally, in order to test out my new surround sound setup I have been playing select sections of games that I know from experience are great for sound. The best of these was the section in Gears of War where you first meet the wretches. That scream in surround sound is enough to send a chill down anyone’s spine!

Reece – This month has seen my welcome return to achievement whoring. I have spent the majority of the month playing games which I had previously neglected due to their harder achievements. This is in a brave fight to increase my game completion, whilst grab a few more points whilst I am at it. However, do not take this as simply playing terrible games for points, as the games included The Orange Box, Bioshock and Skate to name but a few.

My proudest moment in terms of gaming comes from completing Half Life 2, Episode 1 and Episode 2 back-to-back during a single weekend. Whilst this would seem extreme to most, my ever degrading attention span requires complete dedication or it quickly wanders to another title. The same can be said for the ever popular GTA IV, which I have booked in for a 5 day hardcore work free and lifeless gaming session. Before the sun shines on Tuesday morning of next week, GTA IV will be done and dusted, along with the Console Monster review!

Joey – With a recently red-ring-of-deathed 360, I’ve been forced to turn my attention to my Wii. Oddly enough, the day after the demise of my box was the first time I’d powered up my system in nearly three weeks. Since then I’ve been playing Mario Kart Wii and replaying Twilight Princess which is still great.

Stay tuned for our concluding Monster Month topics where we give our views on the PSN store, CoD4 and Halo 3 map packs, GTA IV, Online Betas and Mario Kart Wii. Until then let us know what you have been playing this month by leaving a cheeky comment in the area below or sign up and discuss in our forums.

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