Snakebyte Wii Premium Component Cable

Snakebyte Wii Premium Component Cable

Published On November 26, 2008 | By Console Monster | News

Anthony reviews the Snakebyte Wii Premium Component Cable

“It still baffles me how Nintendo didn’t join its other two rivals into the High Definition arena with its Wii console. With the digital switch-over already taking place here in the UK and with High Definition LCD screens becoming the norm, it is frustrating when you switch on your Wii console to be faced with the blurry mess of the Wii’s display, especially when viewed through our beloved LCD HD TV screens.

If you are not an audiovisual enthusiast you will most likely not be equipped with up-scalers or HDMI convertors, so the next best thing we can do to sharpen up this blurriness is to feed a component signal from your Wii console. Today we are looking at the Snakebyte Wii Premium Component Cable from German publisher Sunflex…”

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