Skate Sells Twice As Much As Tony Hawks

Skate Sells Twice As Much As Tony Hawks

Published On February 2, 2008 | By David Wriglesworth | News

Not many people would ever have predicted that EA’s Skate would sell more than Activison’s Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground, but it seems that EA is this year’s winner as for every copy of Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground sold; two copes if Skate were sold.

EA’s CFO Warren Jensen was quick to point out that “despite the fact we launched on three fewer platforms, Skate outsold Tony Hawk two to one.” A Skate sequel was already hinted at last year when EA Black Box Executive Producer, Scott Blackwood told EGM that EA weren’t “planning [on] any new content for Skate 1,” suggesting there would be more than one in the series.

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