Skate 2 (360) Review

Skate 2 (360) Review

Published On January 24, 2009 | By Anthony Barker | News
Sam brings us his impressions on Skate 2 in our review for the 360

“Cruising down the sloping steps of San Van, the dimmed rays of a shaded sunset tickling my face as I coast downhill. Bearings spinning, wheels turning, road hurtling past beneath me. Coming up to the ledge, I crouch, crouch, crouch and release! I am airborne, no more road, yet the wheels still turn. Racing towards the ground, I bend my legs again, taking the full impact. I roll away, satisfied…Well, I say “I”, I really mean my character in Skate 2. The crux of everything above is to explain how immersive Skate 2 is. When you use the controller to send your board spinning, it feels real…”

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