Sega's Xbox 360 Lineup

Sega’s Xbox 360 Lineup

Published On August 18, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

With the Games Convention being only a week away, Sega has announced the titles that they will be showcasing at the convention. Below are the planned Xbox 360 titles:

Sonic The Hedgehog
Virtua Tennis 3
Sega Rally
Phantasy Star Universe

However, 360 titles they may be, they aren’t exclusive. Sega has decided to put their exclusive titles with Sony and Nintendo consoles instead of putting any on board with the 360. No reasons have come from Sega on why they have chose not to develop any Xbox 360 exclusives so we aren’t sure if there ever will be any Microsoft “only” titles. But as for now we can look foward to some titles Sega is offering to us and get prepared for Sonic’s return.

Originally Written By: Steve Wysowski

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