Screenshots: Halo Wars

Screenshots: Halo Wars

Published On January 2, 2008 | By Console Monster | News

Screenshots ofEnsemble Studios up and coming new release Halo Wars have been released onto the internet. And if you weren’t interested in Halo Wars before, just take a look at these 4 screenshots and then make your mind up.

Look Closely and you can see that this screenshot appears to be of a Multiplayer match with the two colours, red vs blue. Also note the winter landscape.


In this screenshot you see wreckage everywhere along with mindless Grunts.


As you can see from this screenshot there are Jackals in the valley and Pellican’s.


The fourth screenshot looks so busy you have to really zoom in to see it. But if you look close enough it seems to reveal the most. There are Pelicans helped by Sparrowhawks in the sky, the Scarab attacking the helpless marines on the right and the Elites driving their ghosts as expected.


So if these photo’s don’t make you excited about Halo Wars then I don’t know what will. Let us know what you think of these screenshots by leaving a comment below!

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