SBK Demo Races on to XBL

SBK Demo Races on to XBL

Published On May 8, 2009 | By Luke De'ath | News

A brand-new demo for SBK: 09 is now available via Microsoft’s Xbox Live Marketplace. Those bikes are fast but we’re sure you biker fans will appreciate this demo when your face knee is down on those corners. Don’t come crying to us, we told you they were fast.

SBK 2008

Content: SBK 2009 Demo
Dash Text: [PEGI: 3+] Live the ultimate experience of the SBK World Championship® with SBK™09, the official game! Choose among the riders and test you skills on all the atmospheric conditions. Ride on Kyalami track and get ready for the most exciting motorbike racing competition on the planet!
Price: FREE Size: N/A

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